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   When I was a kid I talked way too much, that would come in handy later! I  always wanted to be a rock star, but couldn’t pay attention long enough  to learn how to play an instrument.I studied arts at Macon State and  moved into radio!

   Radio was a natural fit for me, I started in Columbus at Boomer 95.3and  moved quickly to the Q!Then I went down to Cocoa Beach, FL to work for  a hit music station as music director(fancy phrase for “music picker”)I left  the beach for Georgia (again) in 2008 to come back to the Q that started  my career.I now man the drive time show(3-7pm)on WCGQ, and I’m glad  to be home! 

   I love playing hit music, going to concerts, and partying with rock stars!My  favorites are 30 Seconds to Mars, Lady Gaga, and Lil Wayne! I live and  love “Q” music, and my favorite thing of all is breaking in new music!


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